New Music Tuesday!

New Releases

Stereos for Mixed Brass – If you wanted to perform Stereos but didn't have seven friends who play trombone, here is your chance to do it with a mixed group of brass. I think I prefer the trombone version, but I hope this arrangement gives the piece a little more exposure. If you purchase one version and want the other, let me know and I will send it to you so you have both.

Badoodot – Young band piece with a rock beat and some quirks. 

Tarantella Contrapuncta – Middle level band piece in 6/8.

Upcoming Blog Posts

Over the next two months, I'll be covering...

  • Reviews of Habits of a Successful Musician and a couple more instruments
  • Using improvisation in middle school classes
  • Upcoming repertoire for the new school year
  • Grades in band
  • More new music from me