Thursday, January 22


The next pep band is Tuesday, January 23, at 6:45. Students in 6th through 12th grade are welcome to sign up and play.

Symphonic Band

Students received the permission slip for the MMEA trip today.

Tomorrow, I'll be gone for the afternoon with students at the MN High School Music Listening Contest. The band will be running through the full MMEA set in my absence with Mrs. Gust.

Today's rehearsal was several steps forward in playing expressively in Devil Dance and Reflexão e Dança. Students should continue working on playing regular and marcato accents in both pieces.

Concert Band

I think the concert band is getting more of the heart of the Andrew Boysen Symphony no. 4. We worked on the 4th movement today, particularly the middle section in which most of the band sings. It's an eerie effect. Another area we worked on was playing expressively in Prospect. I compared expressive playing of music to the expressive reading of poetry. Too often, we play lines in band in a way that we would never speak a comparable text.

6th Grade

We moved on to page 21 and 6/8 time today. The students did a good job following directions on the counting, and we moved through the new material faster than I anticipated. This left extra time to play two potential concert works (the Allegretto from Beethoven's seventh symphony and Ironclad) as well as a rhythm game. For the record, the woodwinds won.