Tuesday, December 16


Solo and Ensemble Registration and payment is past due! All students in Concert Band should be participating. Some students's ensembles from Symphonic Band are also involved.

Concert Band

Students turned in smart goals today to drive their practicing over the next month and a half. They will be recording the initial assessment of the skill involved by the end of this week.

Rehearsal focused on expressive playing in Ammerland and correct style in the Bach Prelude and Fugue (which may not actually have been written by Bach...)

Symphonic Band

Following up on yesterday's great Monk Rehearsal, the group sight read what may be the final new piece for our MMEA performance. John Kinyon's Devil Dance begins with a driving fanfare in 6/8, includes a couple tricky measures of hemiola, and may wind up being our concert opener.

5th-Grade Band

Solid work from the group today. We finished our overview of page 17 and explored some improvisation in exercise #85, "Essential Creativity."

Upcoming assignments for 5th Grade include:

  1. Page 17, #84--prepared without help from me
  2. Page 42, measures 21-28
  3. Page 18, #90--may be due in the third quarter instead of second
  4. Class Performances! Students are playing on either January 7 or 9 and must choose an exercise from pages 14 through 17.