Wednesday, December 17

Concert Band

Students worked on their chamber music for Solo and Ensemble on January 8.

Symphonic Band

We made some progress on playing staccato style in Rhythm Machine as well as addressing balance and timing in Basin Street Barbeque.

6th Grade Band

Students received two new pieces--an arrangement of the Allegretto movement from Beethoven's 7th Symphony and a piece called Ancient Moon. Students also reviewed a new rhythm pattern this week. The dotted eighth note-sixteenth note combination is very much like the dotted quarter-eighth note pattern, but students are not accustomed to needing to subdivide and feel every sixteenth note as they play. We covered several practice strategies, including speeding up the dotted quarter-eighth rhythm, playing four sixteenth notes and tying the first three together, and tapping or speaking the sixteenths while playing or producing the rhythm.