Tuesday, January 13

Concert Band

GREAT rehearsal today. We covered the second half of the first movement in Andrew Boysen's Symphony No. 4, and I think the students are getting the heart of the piece. The first movement burns with primal energy and sustaining that feel for a few minutes straight. The group sounded good singing at the beginning, and we observed some neat compositional techniques at work to unify the piece.

Symphonic Band

There were some fine student performances today, and we made progress in defining some background rhythms in Reflexão. The main part of rehearsal, though, involved increasing the tempo of Basin Street Barbeque and trying to get the flavor of New Orleans to come through. Check out Rebirth Brass Band for some more stylistic inspiration.

5th Grade

We covered a lot of new material today. Students sightread well in the Essential Elements Quiz, #98, and we finished playing the last two sections of Gavotte. Students also received new practice sheets. All students must keep their practice sheet filled out and up to date! Sheets that are incomplete will not receive points. Parents should sign and date their child's sheet a day before the lesson, and students who miss their lesson should show their practice sheet to Mr. DeCaro within one day in order to receive credit.