Wednesday, January 14

Symphonic Band

Today we finished up regularly scheduled class performances. We worked on the last two sections of Rhythm Machine, adjusting balance and phrasing. Many students still have to work out some technical challenges in this piece. We finished with Devil Dance and a short quiz.

Concert Band

Students completed a reflection on their solo and ensemble performance and the first semester in band.

6th-Grade Band

Page 19 in the EE book is a challenging one. Students need to make sure they work on every exercise on the page even though they are not all assigned for the next lesson. We started page 20, which offers some enjoyable review exercises as a respite to the challenges of 19. Brass players in particular need to be playing consistently to build their range. We finished class by turning in old practice sheets in exchange for the new one and sight reading two pieces. The group's reading level has come a long way since the start of the year.