Thursday, January 15

Symphonic Band

We focused on the first contrasting section in Rhythm Machine today. It is tough to keep the tempo up and also play with good style and attention to dynamics. After this, we ran two pieces: Freedom Dance and Reflexão. Students then made a list on their practice sheets of sections in each piece they need to work on. This should help guide their practicing and lesson times over the next few weeks.

Concert Band

I finished evaluating students for their upcoming smart goal project, and students rehearsed sections of Prospect and the fourth movement of the Boysen Symphony No. 4.

5th-Grade Band

The fifth-grade group continues to make solid progress. Today we reviewed slurs on page 19 and progressed to learning about phrases and a new key signature on page 20. We then learned a couple sections of Gavotte and saw how the melody is consistent, but the accompaniment changes to give each section a different feel.